A release of energy, of toxins

A contortion of muscles, a downturn at the corners of the mouth

The tenderness of your body, inside and out–everything is sharp, everything hurts

The feeling that this feeling will never stop

Until it does.

The waterworks subside, muscles relax, a few final shuddering breaths to renew the system

Do you ever think about how much you cried as a child compared to now?  I can remember crying almost daily as a child, and at the smallest of things.  I dropped a plate.  A loved or worshiped one shooed me away.  Someone made fun of me.  I fell and scraped my knees.  I embarrassed myself one way or another.  I’m tired and frustrated and don’t know how to express it.  I remember hating the fact that I cried so often and wishing I were an adult so I wouldn’t have to.  Continue reading



Once upon a time I had what I considered to be a ‘best’ friend.  I begin this entry with that introduction because, like many stories, that friendship came to an end long ago.  The reason for that end being that over many years I endured endless amounts of passive aggression from said friend until deciding that if that was the nature of friendship–I wanted nothing more to do with it. Continue reading

earth angels

I’m actually battling some kind of sickness right now–sore, swollen throat and endless fatigue complete with spaghetti limbs and pinky cloud brains.  Should my train of thought wander, I apologize in advance.

Funny thing about kind honesty with no ulterior motives–it actually has returns.

One halloween about two years ago I was at a party with friends and the guy I was talking to at the time.  While at the party, I spotted the most beautifully ethereal guy I’d ever seen–alabaster skin, ice-blue eyes, them cheekbones with the perfect blush, and the most beautiful curly light blonde hair I’d ever seen. Continue reading


It’s taken me so long to get around to this post simply because my whole thought process cycled around once again and muddled the clarity of understanding I was building here.  I think I’ve got it now.

In the area of love, most of us are petrified of honesty.  I’ve been listening to a wonderful podcast lately titled Guys We Fu**ed in which the hosts refer to this phenomena, a time period at the beginning of any romantic relationship, as ‘the stubborn phase’.  It’s that phase where both parties are completely committed to their attraction to the other person but refuse to speak it aloud.  Rather, both people kind of dance around it until one person caves and says the words.  The funny thing about this phenomena is that in most cases the whole phase is silly–because, really, once it’s all out there in the open both people win.  It’s a useless war of common interests.

Continue reading

Tip for youthful self:

You know all that garbage you see in movies about meeting your one true love and living happily ever after creating little packages of equally contributed chromosomes with one another?  Don’t put too much weight in that, sweety.  I know it looks wonderful and pretty and it makes your heart all juicy and gives you that ache in the back of your throat but honestly, there’s this other thing you should be focusing on–you. Continue reading