3am microphone check

Rest easy

I fall in only to fall out again

to open my eyes and adjust to the false light

the false hope

the possibility that you care


Rest easy

my thoughts circulate only around you

my life

circulates, you are everywhere

in print, in color, in black & white


Rest easy

take this shape we call feeling

I’ve wrung it of the last drops

for you

do you carry the weight?


Rest easy

I’m somewhere between

hurt and angry

scrounging for tears, indulge

initiate the numb




Good old melatonin

Of the many things I was scared of when I was little, ‘the dark’  was the most terrifying.  As a child it scared me because I felt like a lack of light permitted terrible and ill-willed beings license to be wherever light wasn’t–and if I was in the dark, so were those beings.  As I got older, I slowly realized that this was simply a case of my overactive imagination having free reign over the possibilities of darkness, and a small part of it was my mind taking the ‘what happens if I do this’ stance.

My mind always pushes the envelope when I allow it. Continue reading